Recycling Sea Cargo Containers

Imagine our shipyards in the U.S. littered with endless shipping containers.  

Then, imagine the waste with our relentless building out of sticks and stucco ... an incredible waste of lumber, our forest's, our landfill's.  

Containers (called conex boxes; an intermodal container) are strong (stackable to 9 high on the open ocean), with perfectly suited columns and surfaces, and are highly modifiable.

Efficient Design

A horizontal design lends itself to a modern minimal theme, utilizing cantilevers spanning 1/3 the length of the unit.  

Lids make upper floor watertight decks, walls lay and unfold to make decks, roofs are ideal for extensive green gardens.  

For a traditional hip roof units spaced side by side with a family galley between and truss roof are easy build's.   

The building can easily be a visual container piece, or entirely obscure in that the shell is, in fact, a container with siding and drywall.

So Unique, Very Responsible

Design yours.  Learn a little about the concept, study your local building codes, realize the possibilities together with me.  

Let's do it!


Usefulness expired?  Check this out.


Super modern ... but you get the idea. 

The vertical units can be converted to a stairwell.