A portable space, uniquely you

Purpose Pod's - What?


Purpose Pod's are spaces that are retreat's to normal public life.  They envelope you in your "element".  

Do your thing:

  • art
  • photo
  • culinary
  • relaxation
  • literature
  • podcasting
  • fitness
  • technology
  • science
  • holistic
  • gardening
  • etc



Pre-fabricated modules crafted out of  retired sea cargo containers of 10ft to 40ft become havens for the inner you. 

Falling under most U.S. state building permit size guidelines, allowing structures to be fabricated to your liking as accessory buildings, plopped onto conventional footings or land as you see fit for an out-building adjacent to your property.

Sea Cargo container's building allows a super strong steel shell with endless possibilities for modifications.  And eco!

Order One


Contact me to get your prescriptive pod designed and ready for your purpose.  

Ranging in cost from $25k to $65k there is sure to be a space to fit your need.  

Depending on your local jurisdictions and permit requirements I can get you set up quite soon to retreat to your space ... to be in your element ... to flow with your energy.  

Send an email on my contact page.  Lets get you set up!