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For all of those designers from architecture & engineering to artist & doodler who tote around plans and drawing sets.  

Holding from one to multiple sets at once in style is swank, and super easy.  

  • Rubber fabrication
  • Soft, yet rigid without seams
  • Single piece design, with integral tote handle
  • Detachable shoulder strap

$19 - $35 - Order one today 

(or contact me here)

Slick & Swank


Call for customization with corporate branding



Hauling a huge single roll is easy + lightweight enough to handle multiple lean rolls without damaging them.

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Do it yourself



A sui generis way to relate your style and inventiveness into your life.

  • Reusable Rubber
  • Purchase with Kit of product base and/or coating.
  • Mix your own fill (with a furnished recipe, or your own idea)
  • Endless possibility - concrete, polished porcelain, micro-topped, metallic, dye or stain, ground aggregate.  

So cool .. just like you  


From small tile to large pavers

The fabulous idea of this is that you have reusable rubber molds, lending to the ease of slowly completing a project, or going full speed.  

  • From a backsplash
  • To a patio
  • How about an interior accent wall or floor?
  • Need an outdoor bench?
  • A surround or a frame?

Molds are sold individually or in a 6-up pattern for small tiles or 4-up for larger pavers


Prefab Mold > Fill > Enhance

You start with an idea, purchase a clever pre-designed mold (or commission a custom one), then use my recipe to create the fill or use suggested premix fills, and you are off to be creative, filling your space with very cool stuff, proudly :)

Your Own Creativity



Tile backers are super lightweight (yet extremely strong) substrates that are prepared as a personal platform for you to apply your unique spin ... without the structural mess and concern.

Made of a structural foam and engineered coating these shapes accept conventional unmodified thin-set mortar to adhere anything from porcelain-ceramic-glass or marble-granite-travertine tile.  

Be the craftsperson to shape your space, uniquely you.

Tile Anything


Designed for zero cutting of tile.  Shapes are of common tile shapes and sizes right down to the finished edges and/or trim. 

This allows your talent and genius creativity to bring it to life with easy accomplishment and your personal mark.

  • Fireplace Surround
  • Fire Pit
  • Fountain
  • Nook
  • Bench
  • Planter
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Commission your own idea

How much easier can this be?


I give you the kit-of-parts to assemble with exact finish dimensions and a shopping list of tile sizes to procure.

You can select tools like mixing buckets and trowels with your kit.

I provide detailed pictorial instructions, suggestions, and maintenance directions.

You make selections at your will at any local tile or stone store.  

Talk to me about incorporating wood or metal elements ahead of time.  The design can be modified for the creative person you are.


See the innovative concept and video here:

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This is so important. Become an investor now.

 ... quick, efficient, needed

When disaster strikes the most important thing needed is shelter, care units, rest and relief.  With CotSpot Disaster Relief Shelters many people can be quickly housed under a covered area in individual spaces for privacy.  

Medical and care-giving personnel can move among the units with an upper visibility of the entire relief campus and; 

Victims are provided with both a sleeping space and under-cot storage for personal belongings.